Topic: Local (Boise, Idaho)

Why I started a conference

After picking up my conference badge I stood outside the registration building. What’s next? There weren’t any attendee meetups for at least an hour and I didn’t know a single person in Portland. I only had one thought: this conference couldn’t be a repeat of Seattle in 2009. I wouldn’t let it. What happened in […]

I started a vlog!

A few months ago—okay, more like 6 months ago now—I was at the Seanwes conference hanging out with Levi and Charli talking about vlogging. The running joke was that I’d start a vlog by the end of the weekend. There’s even a clip about it in Levi’s vlog. I was so caught up in the […]

Denim and lifelong friends

Remember the last time you talked with someone who had a big dream? Whether starting a business, checking off a personal goal, or anything else—if the dream is audacious enough—you can’t help but want to help them succeed. That’s even more true if you’ve been friends with that person your entire life. This friend has […]

Designing iOS Applications (Presentation)

March 24th I presented on designing iOS applications at Boise Code Camp. The video didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but I am glad to have a recording of the presentation. The recording showed me just how many things I need to work on to be a better presenter. That will […]

Boise Code Camp 2012: Links and Notes

Last Saturday (March 24th) I gave two talks at Boise Code Camp. Both talks were well attended, and I had a lot of good feedback from them. Below are links and resources from each. Designing iOS Applications My video recording turned out alright for this talk, so I will do some editing and post it […]

Someone’s Dream

The next time you walk downtown look a little closer at the small shops and restaurants. Look beyond what they are selling, how the place is decorated, and the hours they are open. Most likely you are looking at someone’s dream. The independent bookstore, the small coffeeshop, the elegant restaurant, and the used clothing store. […]

OneVoice in the Idaho Business Review

OneVoice was featured last week by the Idaho Business Review. Reporter Mark Wilcox explains better than I can why OneVoice is important and should be my full-time focus. Which is why I am leaving my job as Sr. User Experience Designer at Unity Media Group. You can find out more about OneVoice at the Legend […]