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Gratitude is a distraction

The last month has been incredibly difficult. Over the summer Hilary and I decided we wanted to have another baby. We’d talked about it for years, going back and forth on whether to stay with two kids or grow our family. At the first appointment the baby was slightly smaller than expected, but everything else […]

2018 in review — A year of big risks

2018 was simultaneously one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. While many things didn’t go the way I would have hoped they would, I’m proud of the risks we took and how hard we pushed to build the team, company, and world that we want to exist. I’ve also never been […]

Can you build a successful startup in 40 hours per week?

A tweet by Justin Jackson started a debate about building a startup on only 40 hours per week. Can it be done? On one side Jason Cohen from WP Engine made the case that you need to put in more time to get a successful startup off the ground. Then, representing the other side, DHH […]

We bought a ghost town

I’ve been making a few more startup investments lately, but this summer I made one that I never could have predicted: a town. Back in July my friend Ryan Holiday mentioned an investment opportunity he was getting involved with: an old mining town in California. I’ve long been fascinated by taking money made from internet […]

2018 Gift Guide for Creators

There are a handful of products purchased in the last year or two that I’ve really enjoyed. As you’re looking for Christmas gifts this year these are some of my favorites! The list is broken down into three sections: work & tech, personal, and then books. Work & Technology Autonomous standing desk – $299 Standing […]

My secrets to a productive week

The last two weeks have been insanely productive for me because of two small changes. Want to hear what they are? Of course you do. Forest and Streaks. No, I’m not talking about streaking through the forest (as invigorating as that may sound), but instead my two favorite new apps. Both of these were recommended […]

4 ideas that changed my life

Every so often you come across an idea that can change your life. It could be a passing comment, something you read in a book, or a moment of inspiration, but if you act on it, big changes are possible. Without much introduction, here are four ideas that changed my life. 1. You don’t have […]