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I write regularly on both design and marketing. In order to get introduced to my content, it's best that you pick one and go from there. Do you want to design better software or websites? Or build audiences and sell products?

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Why I changed my mind on team stock options

For years I advocated for profit sharing instead of stock options for compensating team members. My reasons for going against the grain of common startup advice came down to: Without selling ConvertKit (which I don’t want to do) the equity doesn’t have value. Most stock options aren’t ever worth anything, so employees who take a […]

How the gap between value and price affects goodwill

Think about the difference between the value you receive from a product and the price the company charges for it—often referred to as consumer surplus. A company with a low price that provides a minimal amount of value would look more like this: Customers are happy to pay because the value still exceeds the price. […]

13 tips for making the switch from a consumer to a creator

The difference between you and the creators you follow is simply they are creating while you are consuming. Reading their content, watching their videos, and following their journeys is so inspirational! For years I watched and learned. Paying special attention to each creator and how they built their audience and made the switch from consumer […]

Profit is leverage

The founder on the other side of the call had over 100 clients he wanted to bring over to ConvertKit. With an opportunity that size I wanted to make sure we got it right and could answer every question, so I pulled one of our senior engineers into the conversation. Just a few minutes into […]

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I wrote two books on design that have received rave reviews. The first, The App Design Handbook, focuses on creating iPhone and iPad apps that are a joy to use.

In the second book, Designing Web Applications, I take the same design principles and apply them to design elegant software-as-a-service web applications.

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