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We bought a ghost town

I’ve been making a few more startup investments lately, but this summer I made one that I never could have predicted: a town. Back in July my friend Ryan Holiday mentioned an investment opportunity he was getting involved with: an old mining town in California. I’ve long been fascinated by taking money made from internet […]

Building Profitable Audiences — Live in London

The last few weeks have been really fun. I’ve been traveling (one of my favorite things to do) around Europe and meeting up with really smart, driven people. It started with a trip to London to teach a workshop (which you’ll hear more about in a second) with Brennan Dunn. Then after the workshop we […]

One Year After Quitting My Job

Last year I did a year in review post, so by doing it again this year I am turning it into a tradition. This is more for me (to see my own progress) than it is for you, but I hope you can learn something as well. If you want to read last years you […]

The World Domination Summit (2012)

“Is that something sexual?” I was on the MAX train in Portland trying to explain to the guy sitting next to me why I was in Portland last weekend. First I said “for a conference”, but then he wanted to know the name of the conference. Which is what prompted the previously mentioned question. One […]

Traveling with a Baby

“Do lots of traveling now because once you have kids you won’t be able to travel.” I’ve heard that many times. After returning from a trip to France in 2010 many friends and coworkers shared this advice. Usually with a slightly melancholy tone as they clearly wish they could travel more. Many times finances or […]

The Trip of a Lifetime

I’m writing this from 24,000 feet as we slowly climb on the flight from Boise to Chicago, with London as the final destination. This flight kicks off our tour of Europe. For the past few years we tried to do a small trip (Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, etc) and a large trip (France, South Africa) each […]

Live Different

Imagine sitting down to read a book, only to realize it is the story of your life, until now, written like a novel. How would that read? Interesting and engaging? Or would it be boring and repetitive?