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2018 Gift Guide for Creators

There are a handful of products purchased in the last year or two that I’ve really enjoyed. As you’re looking for Christmas gifts this year these are some of my favorites! The list is broken down into three sections: work & tech, personal, and then books. Work & Technology Autonomous standing desk – $299 Standing […]

5 things I was surprised to love about my Tesla

For nearly 10 years I’ve wanted to own a Tesla. As of a few months ago, I finally do! This spring I bought a 2016 Model S P90D. It’s all black, with a black interior. By buying slightly used (18,000 miles) I was able to save $50,000 off the original price ($93,000 instead of $143,000). […]

Profit sharing for bootstrapped startups

In the world of high-growth startups ConvertKit is an anomaly. We didn’t raise funding. We have no desire to sell. In fact, we don’t even have an exit strategy. When asked recently when I’d consider selling ConvertKit I gave the same answer I always do: Not for at least ten years. A friend who had […]

The one question great designers ask

No matter your skill level, there’s one question you can start asking in order to think like a great designer: “How should it work?” Yep, it’s that simple. Not “How should it work?” But “How should it work?” Ignore what everyone else is doing. Ignore what the engineers say is possible or easy to build. […]

Join the product team at ConvertKit

ConvertKit is growing insanely quickly and we need talented designers and developers to join our product team. Want to join us? We work remotely and judge success based on quality and speed rather than spending a certain number of hours sitting in a chair. As a company we value simplicity and making products easy to use. And we mean […]

Designing a SaaS app create account screen

In the two years I’ve been designing and developing ConvertKit I’ve always focused on simple usability. With limited time and money I couldn’t make everything perfect, so I wanted to make sure the usability was excellent before adding that last level of polish. Basically I focused on user experience before user interface. I think that […]

Don’t start from scratch

We all want to leverage our time and effort. That’s why ideas like the 80/20 rule are so popular. Work on something until it’s good enough, then move on. But our work just isn’t good enough? What if you want to go beyond 80%? That’s what I want to talk about today. A couple weeks ago […]