Photoshop for Web Design

Learn how to design websites & apps

(not retouch photos)

(not for photographers)

Most Photoshop courses start by teaching you how to remove redeye, crop a photo, or remove unwanted background elements. Skills used by photographers, not web designers.

The valuable interface design skills, such as paths and layer styles, are saved for intermediate and expert level courses. Meaning you have to suffer through learning how to turn a photo black and white before you can learn to improve your software design.

Learn skills you’ll use every day

Photoshop is such a powerful tool that it is used by everyone from print designers, to photographers, to app developers. Unfortunately that power comes with a complex feature set that is time consuming to learn.

That’s why it’s important to learn the tools in Photoshop that are actually used for designing websites and software—skipping past the parts that may be useful someday, but won’t get that app designed in time for your product launch.

In record time

How much is your time worth? If you’re like me your time is one of the most valuable things you possess. Designing an application faster means you have time to add more polish.

Cutting through the unnecessary fluff in most training courses means you learn faster and have more time to create. Personally I’d use that time to create a new product—or better yet, take some time off to spend with family and friends.

With real-world examples

Working as a professional designer for over 7 years has taught me which techniques are critical to producing great designs (and which you can ignore, since you won’t use them regularly). This course is based around teaching you the Photoshop techniques to create the beautiful designs you see every day around the web.

Then you can practice the techniques on your own by working through the provided exercises to make you really learn the necessary skills.

Each lesson starts by teaching you a particular technique—then puts it into practice with several hands on examples, designing actual interface elements.

In Photoshop for Web Design you’ll learn exactly the skills needed to use Photoshop to design great software and websites. From iPhone apps to web apps, to product sales pages, you’ll start with the skills and tools used by professionals.

Cmd + option + shift + N + E

Flattens the entire visible document onto a new layer.

Learn the productivity secrets to design at 5x the speed

About Your Instructor

Nathan Barry

Nathan has been designing software with Photoshop for 8 years. In that time he’s suffered through hundreds of tutorials designed to teach photography—not interface design. Because of that frustrating learning experience he is determined to teach software professionals exactly what they need to know to design great software.

Nathan is the author of Designing Web Applications, The App Design Handbook, and Authority. He also founded the email marketing company ConvertKit.

Course Contents

Basic Techniques

What you need to get started using Photoshop for Web Design.

  • Learning the interface

    15:13 | 6 videos

  • Shapes & Paths

    10:40 | 3 videos

  • Layer Styles

    30:03 | 5 videos

  • Typography

    27:12 | 4 videos

Advanced Techniques

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to work like the pros.

  • Shortcuts

    6:21 | 2 videos

  • Advanced Layers

    19:12 | 4 videos

  • Advanced Paths

    14:23 | 4 videos

  • Patterns & Brushes

    10:56 | 2 videos

Case Studies & Exercises

All the techniques learned already, applied in real-world design projects.

  • Exercises

    56:32 | 7 videos

  • Designing Blog Graphics

    29:08 | 6 videos

  • Redesigning search

    1:06:19 | 4 videos

  • Designing a Mac App

    1:34:56 | 6 videos

  • Designing an app for iOS 7

    46:11 | 3 videos

  • Designing Commit for iOS 7

    40:04 | 3 videos

  • Designing a course web app

    45:14 | 5 videos

  • Designing a product sales page

    2:15:26 | 5 videos




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  • 2 hours of course videos on using Photoshop for Web Design (24 videos).
  • 7 exercises to implement what you've learned.
  • Free updates each customer gets free updates for one year!
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  • 2 hours of course videos on using Photoshop for Web Design (24 videos).
  • 7 exercises to implement what you've learned.
  • Free updates each customer gets free updates for one year!
  • 6 case studies designing real-world applications (over 6 hours of content!).
  • 22 PSD files to learn from and follow along with the videos.
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