Topic: Marketing

Good things come to those who write

Most of my highest paid friends are writers or teachers. At first thought that sounds ridiculous. Generally those are two of the lowest paid professions around. English majors are told to enjoy their career at Starbucks. Teachers are respected, but know they’ll never be well paid. Teaching is more of a labor of love than […]

Endure long enough to get noticed

How many great TV shows have you discovered in season 3 or later? I started watching Game of Thrones after they had released 5 seasons. Pat Flynn had released at least 100 episodes of his podcast before I even knew he existed. I discovered Hard Core History years after Dan Carlin started producing it. This […]

How to grow an audience through curating content

It’s time to start growing your audience, but what do you share? Teaching everything you know is a common path, but what if you’re not ready to teach? I’d like to suggest you start by curating. When you focus on curating content from other creators you are able to start building an audience without the […]

Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups: from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR

Venture-backed startups have used direct sales for a long time. Read any Jason Lemkin post and sales are part of the standard playbook. Raise capital, hire a sales team, get a list of leads, and dial until you convert them to customers. If that’s you, this article isn’t written for you. There’s another group in […]

Why I started a conference

After picking up my conference badge I stood outside the registration building. What’s next? There weren’t any attendee meetups for at least an hour and I didn’t know a single person in Portland. I only had one thought: this conference couldn’t be a repeat of Seattle in 2009. I wouldn’t let it. What happened in […]

I started a vlog!

A few months ago—okay, more like 6 months ago now—I was at the Seanwes conference hanging out with Levi and Charli talking about vlogging. The running joke was that I’d start a vlog by the end of the weekend. There’s even a clip about it in Levi’s vlog. I was so caught up in the […]

Why I ignore great advice from my smartest friends

This spring after a conference in San Diego I was having dinner with two experienced software founders. I asked a question that I’ve been using lately to try to encourage unsolicited advice: “What are some mistakes you see us making in growing ConvertKit?” I know ConvertKit is growing quickly—I’m proud of that—but more praise on the subject […]