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Understanding ConvertKit’s open metrics

When we crossed $1m in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) ConvertKit’s open metrics dashboard received a wave of attention. That attention brings good questions, but also confusion and people reading the metrics only on the surface level. In this article I’ll break down what I look for in the metrics and how you can go beyond […]

2018 in review — A year of big risks

2018 was simultaneously one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. While many things didn’t go the way I would have hoped they would, I’m proud of the risks we took and how hard we pushed to build the team, company, and world that we want to exist. I’ve also never been […]

Can you build a successful startup in 40 hours per week?

A tweet by Justin Jackson started a debate about building a startup on only 40 hours per week. Can it be done? On one side Jason Cohen from WP Engine made the case that you need to put in more time to get a successful startup off the ground. Then, representing the other side, DHH […]

How a decision making process substantially increased trust

Do you have a process for making decisions? I didn’t. Even though I’m a fan of mental models, I didn’t ever think about establishing a decision making process. Then the leadership team at ConvertKit came across a post from Coinbase about how they make decisions. At the same time we had received feedback from our team that […]

How to fix podcasting’s critical flaw

Despite growing incredibly quickly, podcasting is broken. The hundreds of creators starting podcasts each week are failing to see the major flaw with podcasting that will hamper their growth. The flaw comes down to one simple question… When was the last time you saw a podcast go viral? Blog posts go viral. YouTube videos go […]

Be a creator, not a critic

Years ago I made an important choice: I will always be a creator, not a critic. This may sound like the obvious choice, but in today’s culture we often reward the critic with just as much attention and fame. Far more than they deserve. As more creators are daring to create, they often don’t meet […]

What company culture means to me

Every company says they have a great culture. But what does that mean? For some that’s free lunch and ping pong tables, for others it’s remote work and work/life balance. While those may be a part of culture, they are surface level. To me company culture comes down to trust. Are you trusted to make […]