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300 or $60,000? How to talk about numbers.

A friend recently asked me how many copies OneVoice had sold. Without giving it much thought I responded “about 300”. Only after seeing his reaction did I realize that sounds like a really low number. In the world of app sales tens of thousands is considered a baseline. OneVoice has greatly exceeded my expectations and […]

Focus on Finishing

At any given time I can work on whatever I want. So long as I’m on track to make enough money to cover my expenses for the month it doesn’t really matter what I spend my time on. As wonderful as this sounds it has the unfortunate side affect of many unfinished projects. Projects that […]

How I Made $19,000 on the App Store While Learning to Code

The past year and a half has been quite a journey. I’ve gone from starting to learn iPhone design, to quitting my full time job and focusing on an application full-time. All while teaching myself to program in Objective-C with no prior programming experience. OneVoice is a iPhone/iPad application that gives a voice to anyone […]

OneVoice in the Idaho Business Review

OneVoice was featured last week by the Idaho Business Review. Reporter Mark Wilcox explains better than I can why OneVoice is important and should be my full-time focus. Which is why I am leaving my job as Sr. User Experience Designer at Unity Media Group. You can find out more about OneVoice at the Legend […]

The Story Behind OneVoice

Stop for a moment and think through everything you did yesterday. Now go back and imagine how it would change if you couldn’t speak to anyone. Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are still the same, but you are unable to express them. Communication is something we all take for granted. It goes unnoticed until you […]

The Downsides of selling in the App Store

My iOS app, OneVoice, has been on the Apple App Store for just over 4 months now. Overall it has been a positive experience, but there are some downsides that I hadn’t anticipated before starting the process. First let’s start with the good. The Good. The main benefit of the App Store is having the […]

One Year with iOS

The beginning of April marked one year since the iPad came out. Though more important to me is it is also the anniversary of releasing my first app to the App store and my start with iOS development. Getting my Feet Wet In February 2010 my boss at Unity put me on the team to […]