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How to Never Miss a Blog Post

For the last six weeks I have consistently published a blog post every Tuesday morning. This isn’t my first attempt at blogging consistently, but it is my most successful. Several times before I have set goals to write on a consistent basis, but have always failed after a few weeks. This time is going to […]

“Right Now” Design for WordPress

In the WP UI group we are currently discussing how to improve the “At a Glance” module on the dashboard to make it more clear. The problem is that comments is not differentiated at all from the rest of the sections so users tend to think that “Pending” relates to “Categories”. This can be seen […]

Preview: Blog Design Idea

I have the hardest time designing for myself. For some reason being my own client is nearly impossible. For this blog design I have gone through 7 unique designs, before finally making something I am happy with. Take a look: (Click to view full size)

Emphasis: A Free WordPress Theme

Though much later than promised, I am finally releasing the Emphasis Theme. The idea is to focus on the content, through a clean design, great formatting, and robust features. Hopefully it will be the first of many free themes to come. The theme is GPL, so use, modify, and redistribute as you please! Take a […]