4 Oct

OneVoice in the Idaho Business Review

OneVoice was featured last week by the Idaho Business Review. Reporter Mark Wilcox explains better than I can why OneVoice is important and should be my full-time focus. Which is why I am leaving my job as Sr. User Experience Designer at Unity Media Group. You can find out more about OneVoice at the Legend website.

Also I should mention the people who helped who aren’t in the article.

  • Hannah Herrick – Hannah provided the initial inspiration and idea for OneVoice as well as feedback throughout the development.
  • Robert Carrico – Robert is the co-worker mentioned in the article who helped develop the prototype over the weekend at iOSDevCamp.
  • Chris Brandsma – Chris has helped me with too many code problems to count. Anything especially complicated in OneVoice he either wrote himself or helped me write it.

Enjoy the article!


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