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Don’t be a dick. Just be nice.

I was wrong on the internet the other day. As the flurry of angry, disparaging comments came in I was reminded of this xkcd comic: Last week, that “someone” was me. Back in December I wrote this post: “Skill Doesn’t Matter if you Lack Taste.” In the post I have a couple of examples where […]

What Does the #1 Spot on Hacker News Get You?

A couple weeks ago something really cool happened. An article I wrote made it to the #1 spot on Hacker News. For those who don’t realize how exciting that is a friend described Hacker News to his non-techie¬†parents as “Like the New York Times for Silicon Valley.” HN is my favorite website and I visit […]

The Perfect Presentation: Changing Education Paradigms

I don’t know about you, but I was completely engaged for almost 12 minutes. Most online videos struggle to hold your attention for more than a minute. So how can you hook people this well? Engaging Content Your topic and point of view must be interesting. No amount of editing, illustration or animation can make […]

Being Present

The other day I was waiting for my wife Hilary at a local restaurant. Out of habit I sat down in the lobby, pulled out my¬† iPhone, and started reading email and Twitter. I often fill even a few minutes of down time by fiddling with my phone, but for some reason this time was […]

An Avatar for a Password: A Lesson in Social Media Security

Remember the days of Myspace phishing scams? Well, if you were ever on Myspace no doubt you were sent messages by your oh-so-holy-church-going-friends to look at a porn site, purchase viagra, or just talk to this chick on a webcam. Why would your friend send you such horrible things? Usually because they wanted a free […]