1 Nov

Someone’s Dream

The next time you walk downtown look a little closer at the small shops and restaurants. Look beyond what they are selling, how the place is decorated, and the hours they are open. Most likely you are looking at someone’s dream.

The independent bookstore, the small coffeeshop, the elegant restaurant, and the used clothing store. Each one has a person behind it. They thought and dreamed about their idea for years before taking the leap and starting. Many still don’t know if they will succeed or fail. But at least they tried. The only way to guarantee failure is to never start.

Now look to the larger businesses. A fast food restaurant like Wendy’s. Now you are looking at the dreams of several people. First the founder in some far away city. Proud that his little creation turned into something that people all around the country frequent. But it is also the dream of someone local. The person who started the local franchise is still fulfilling a dream of their own, just with a different logo on the storefront.

Now look to the floors above these storefronts. Office windows sometimes lit late into the night. Ideas and products are being created. Dreams are being realized.

It’s more than just a business you sometimes visit. It’s someone’s dream.

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5 Responses to “Someone’s Dream”

  1. A wonderful and pertinent thought, thank you.

    Having trouble applying it to the finance industry though.

    • nathanbarry says:

      Maybe a someone starting a personal finance consultancy? Or a finance related startup like BankSimple.

  2. Juanny C says:

    I always think of the dreams that are shattered when a local shop closes. It depresses me. People always ask me why I don’t start my own business – I think it’s simply that being laid off is manageable but pouring heart and soul into something and failing? I’m not sure I could cope with that.

  3. Bah! Never looked at a business and thought in this way. Interesting read.

  4. Tyson says:

    Very good point. I live in an area where small business’ are the backbone of our economy and STILL never thought of them this way.

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