17 Mar

The Perfect Presentation: Changing Education Paradigms

I don’t know about you, but I was completely engaged for almost 12 minutes. Most online videos struggle to hold your attention for more than a minute. So how can you hook people this well?

Engaging Content

Your topic and point of view must be interesting. No amount of editing, illustration or animation can make dull topic engaging. So, first re-write and re-think your topic until it is holds attention.

Cut Everything That Isn’t Crucial

So you drew someone in, their listening to you, how do you keep their attention? In his talk, Sir Ken Robinson, rarely says a word that isn’t crucial. His presentation could have been hours long, but it is edited down to be as precise as possible. I am sure the longer version has detail and additional points, but for most of your listeners that isn’t necessary. If they want to learn more they can turn to Google (or provide links of your own). Just make it succinct.

Make it Visual

If all I am doing is listening, then my mind can wander. I can write program and listen to a podcast simultaneously, though each task only gets half my focus. If you want full attention than your message needs to be accompanied by visuals. This is a big part of the reason for slides with presentations. They help to explain points, but also keep the listener better engaged.

Since you don’t have any incredible animators or illustrators on staff, then you should go with relevant photos. If it is a presentation try using full screen photos with no or minimal text for the best impact.


P.S. If you want an example of changing education learn more about the Khan Academy.

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