18 Jul

Hiring: Marketing & Customer Success

We’re hiring a marketing and customer success person for our team. This position will be split between working on ConvertKit.com and NathanBarry.com. As the first full-time hire you will be wearing a lot of different hats.

Much more than customer support

First, you’ll be in charge of customer success for ConvertKit. This isn’t the typical “Here’s how to reset your password” customer support. We take things much further than that. You’ll be advising customers on how best to grow their lists and pointing out flaws in their launch plans.

You need to understand online marketing and be constantly ready to learn new tricks and ideas.

Project management

Between ConvertKit and NathanBarry.com we are always developing and launching new features and products. You’ll be responsible for coordinating all the contractors involved and products get released on time.

This also means having a key role in planning the new products or courses.


Next you’ll play a critical role in launching new products as well as continuing to drive sales to our older products. You should be comfortable negotiating affiliate deals, setting up advertising, and finding new marketing channels.

Other projects

You must be the type of person who learns new skills to get a project launched. So that means that any experience you have with design, coding, audio & video editing, and writing will be very helpful.

Employment details:

  • Work from home. We are a distributed company which means you can work from anywhere you like. No more boring commute. We use Trello, Slack, and Google Hangouts to work together as a team from wherever in the world we happen to be.
  • 3 weeks paid vacation. I like to take vacations, my employees should as well. We work hard and move quickly, but also really value time off.
  • Laptop and software provided. We’ll get you exactly what you need to be successful.
  • $40,000/year. This is a full-time position that pays $40,000 per year.
  • Based in North America. Because this job will require close collaboration with the team you need to be based in North America.


How to apply

To apply for this job fill out the form below. Then I’ll be in touch.

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