20 May

It doesn’t get easier

Earlier this week LeadPages released their ConvertKit integration. For over 2 years that has been our most requested integration—even losing us accounts that didn’t want to use the workaround copy/paste integration.

But that objection is gone now. And we have almost all of the major integrations our customers request.

Our sales process just became easier. Customer migrations are easier. Support is easier.

Each new feature and integration makes every aspect of the business easier.

So why doesn’t it feel easier?

We’re still hustling as hard as ever. Matt (on our support team) and I were answering support tickets at 9:00 PM last night, trying to get the queue down for our team on Friday morning.

I couldn’t help but think that with the amount of optimization we have in our product, documentation, integrations, and support this should be so much easier.

Then it hit me. These small 1% improvements haven’t allowed us to relax. Instead they’ve allowed us to do more. In the same way that workouts at the gym don’t get easier the stronger you get—you just add more weight.

Instead of supporting 50 customers we are supporting 5,000. A year ago $1,000 in new monthly recurring revenue was a good month of growth. Now it takes $50,000 in new MRR in a single month for us to consider it a great month!

Optimizations won’t make your life easier or mean that you work less. Instead they add up over time so that you can accomplish 50x what you could before.

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One Response to “It doesn’t get easier”

  1. So true. There’s always more to do!

    Don’t know if you feel it, but sometimes it feels that everything you get done, a few more pop into place and the work is never done. Which is why it’s always good to keep a record of daily wins and accomplishments to stay motivated and focused!

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