21 Feb

A sneak peek of ConvertKit

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of feature developments, content writing, and bug fixes. Which means, ConvertKit is getting close to a private beta. If you want to get involved, keep reading.

I’ve been using ConvertKit myself the past few days with great results. Here is one of my first landing pages:

This page currently has a 17% conversion rate. Not bad, right? The great thing about ConvertKit is that I will be continually tweaking these landing pages to get the best possible conversion rate. When you use ConvertKit you get the results of all those tests included. I call it best practices by default.

Now here is how you create your landing pages. Just fill in the content and we’ll take care of the rest. There are also additional settings and reports so you can heavily customize your landing page.

That brings us to my favorite part, which is the courses. Every email marketing platform I’ve used poorly implements courses or auto-responders. That lack of support is big reason I haven’t implemented courses as a reliable sales funnel for my books. At least until now.

I setup my first course in ConvertKit last week and it is really easy. Check it out:

First all the emails are listed down the side in a sequence, so you can see your entire series at a glance. This makes it so much easier to refer back and forth to other emails. I left out the confusing and complicated features so that it is exactly what is needed and nothing more.

The technical challenges that were keeping you from improving your sales process are now gone. All that’s left is to write the content. And actually, I’ll help with that too.

Throughout the ConvertKit interface are links to articles on improving subject lines, writing more effective email messages, and other best practices.

That’s ConvertKit. I think you’ll love it.


A lifetime discount

If you love the the idea of making your sales funnel leak-proof with ConvertKit, and if you want to be very first to use ConvertKit, you can preorder it today.

Preorder just your first 3 months and you’ll get one month free. Plus, as a thank-you for your support, you’ll receive a 25% discount for life. (Starting at $37 per month, forever!) Making more money and saving money? Not too shabby, right?

I will also invite the first 25 people who preorder to a 2 hour private online conference on increasing conversion rates and using email marketing effectively.

Ready? I think the beginner plan is the best way for you to lock in the discount and get you started right now.

Preorder your first four months of ConvertKit for only $112.

You can learn more about ConvertKit and all the plans on the marketing page.

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6 Responses to “A sneak peek of ConvertKit”

  1. Looking awesome Nathan!

    I’m curious how is your email system set up? How do you deal with the inbox rate?

    If someone sends spam with your product then your IP gets flagged as a spam IP.

    I’m not entirely sure how the whole system works, but the main reason why people use popular email services is because they guarantee a high inbox rate (emails won’t land to the spam folder).


    • Nathan Barry says:

      Email deliverability is a hard problem, so we are using MailGun to actually send our messages. That way we can create a great tool for creating these email sequences, without having to deal with that aspect. I’ll include more on this soon.

  2. Hey Nathan,

    How are you liking Gumroad to handle payments? Have you ever tried Stripe?

    Which do you think is a better choice to handle payments like you’re doing?

    • Nathan Barry says:

      I love Gumroad. But for ConvertKit I am just using them to make the preorder easy. The actual application runs on Stripe.

      • Ok do you think Stripe would be better for handling preorders?

        Since they only take 2.9% as opposed to 5%…

        • Nathan Barry says:

          Yes, in that since they would. But I didn’t have to do any custom development to use Gumroad. Just plug and play. Sure, I would have saved a tiny bit in fees, but spent a lot of effort on the development.

          Don’t waste time to save a few bucks.

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