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Web App Challenge Update: The Final Stretch

I’ve been a little quiet about The Web App Challenge lately. Launching Authority and speaking at a BaconBizConf have taken up all my time. Though I’ve still been hard at work. Progress has been made every day, but it is still slower than I would like (which is all my fault). Revenue Currently ConvertKit makes […]

Three exciting words

Today I announced my latest book, Authority: Become an expert, build a following, and gain financial independence. It’s everything I know about self-publishing and launching a product online. You know that ebook you’ve been wanting to write? I’ll give you a a step-by-step guide to take you from idea all the way through to a […]

All Bugs Have Software

At WordCamp San Francisco in 2009 Matt Mullenweg was on stage answering audience questions. Someone asked about a recent, fairly serious, bug in WordPress. Matt responded “Well, all bugs have software…” He meant, “All software has bugs” (and quickly corrected himself after a good laugh), but I like the accidental version better. We will make […]

Wireframing your web application

There are many “right” ways to design an application, so I want to be clear that this is my workflow (and the one I recommend), but it’s not mandatory. I know other designers who just jump right into Photoshop (or code) and produce great work. But if you find yourself having trouble visualizing a design […]

The first 8 weeks of The Web App Challenge

Wow, the last eight weeks have gone quickly. On December 31st I announced my goal of going from no idea what to build to having a profitable web application making $5000/month at the end of six months. You can read that post here.   Meet my developer Since about week three I’ve been working with […]

Can preorders work for software-as-a-service companies?

When working on a new product, the most important thing you need is validation. Not to stroke your ego, but instead so that you don’t waste valuable time building a product that no one needs. After all, for you to run a successful business your customers need to pay you. To start validating the idea […]

A sneak peek of ConvertKit

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of feature developments, content writing, and bug fixes. Which means, ConvertKit is getting close to a private beta. If you want to get involved, keep reading. I’ve been using ConvertKit myself the past few days with great results. Here is one of my first landing pages: This […]