17 Apr

Focus on Finishing

At any given time I can work on whatever I want. So long as I’m on track to make enough money to cover my expenses for the month it doesn’t really matter what I spend my time on.

As wonderful as this sounds it has the unfortunate side affect of many unfinished projects. Projects that make just enough money that I can’t justify shutting them down, but also no longer have the desire to work on. Combine this with contract design projects and I feel pulled in a dozen different directions. So many things require my time and attention that I become paralyzed and accomplish nothing.

So what should I do? Well today I decided to pick one project and focus. Put my 4 or 5 other projects and ideas on hold. They’ll be there waiting for me when I have time.

See that’s the thing, starting is easy. Finishing is the hard part. That’s how I ended up with so many separate projects. By allowing myself to move on from unfinished projects I just get further into this habit. So now I am going to focus on finishing. First with OneVoice, my iOS app for giving a voice to those who cannot speak. OneVoice has a lot of features and is well developed, but I stopped short on the marketing. For the next period of time marketing, improving, and supporting OneVoice will be my main task.

Finish what you start. Even if that means admitting something is a failure and ending it. Don’t let the project dwindle away. Just finish it.

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