21 May

Why do you want to become an Authority?

I felt confused and a little sad as I walked along the Seattle waterfront. It wasn’t the conference topics that had me confused, but instead my own emotions.

I came to An Event Apart (a web design conference) in Seattle hoping to meet like minded designers. They were all around me, but I was too quiet and shy to introduce myself. Other than basic conversations with the people seated next to me, I didn’t meet anyone.

In a room filled with 250 of my peers I felt alone.

Back on the waterfront I noticed a group walking ahead of me. It was the group of all the conference speakers laughing, joking, and having a great time. More like a group of close friends together for a long-overdue reunion that a meeting of the top minds in an industry.

That was the circle I wanted to be a part of. So I quickened my step to join them.

Unfortunately I lost my courage ten feet short of their group and—like a stalker—slowly dropped back. The worst part is that I was staying at the same hotel, so I walked further and further behind them for what felt like a mile (Google maps tells me it was only 350 yards).

Once at the hotel they settled into the comfy chairs and couches in the lounge and I kept walking to my room.

That’s the moment

That’s the moment I knew I wanted to become an Authority. I wanted to be invited to speak at conferences, to be part of that in friend group, and to make a living from my blog.

I had no idea how to actually make it happen, but then, for the first time, I knew clearly what I wanted.

Think for a moment: why do you want it?

Everyone has their own reasons.

To make it easier to get contract and consulting work. To get invited to speak at conferences. To make a living from writing. To have a group of fans that are eager to buy anything you create. To be able to get introductions to any industry leaders. To quit your job and have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere.

All of that is possible once you become an Authority and build an audience.


Writing a profitable book

Writing a book is the fastest path to doing that. Not just any book, but a profitable book. I’ve worked for the last three years to develop a repeatable step-by-step process to go from a vague idea and no audience to launching a profitable book in less than six months.

That course is called Authority. I’m just wrapping up a new edition (with all new video training) that will launch on Wednesday May 27th—that’s next week!

Authority will walk you through:

  • How to choose a topic that will be successful (90% of the book ideas I hear are destined to fail, but there’s one simple way to fix them).
  • The pricing strategies I use to triple revenue.
  • How to get your first 1,000 email subscribers.
  • How to stay consistent, stick with the plan, and actually finish your book.

And a lot more. Whatever your reason for wanting to become an authority, this course will give you the step-by-step process to make it happen.


Last year I was at the MGM in Las Vegas with a few friends. We sat down at the poker table, each with our stacks of chips. The one guy not from our group said hello, then asked “do you all work for the same company?”

I looked around at the group: Ryan, Patrick, Jessica, Brennan, and others.

“No, we’re just good friends we’re all in town for a conference.”

That’s when I realized I was sitting with the top people in my industry. All very successful and well-known. And all of them wonderful people who I consider my close friends.

I met these dear friends through building an audience, teaching everything I know, and selling books and courses.

I took another look around the table at each person there. I immediately thought back to that evening walking along the Seattle waterfront feeling alone and out of place. With that memory, I knew my journey was complete. I’d found my group.

And with that thought, I folded my poker hand. Because let’s face it: you’re not going to make anything happen with an unsuited 2-6 in Texas Hold-Em.




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  1. Storytelling at its best. Thank you, Nathan.

  2. Nice story Nathan, thanks for leading.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Nathan. Just What i needed this morning.

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