9 Jan

Using Shapes & Paths in Photoshop

Last week I covered the tools to get started using Photoshop to design interfaces and this week I want to take it a bit further. Since my new course, Photoshop for Interface Design, is all video I figured these next tutorials should give you a sample.

First, a bit about the course.

This coming Tuesday (January 14th, 2014) I am releasing the beta of Photoshop for Interface Design. My solution for the thousands of software and web professionals who want to learn Photoshop, but don’t want to have to wade through print and photography tutorials.

Because this is a beta release (I want feedback before the full launch) the course will only be available for sale for 24 hours. After that I am taking it offline for a month or so while I incorporate all the feedback. But just because it’s a beta, doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of awesome content! So far there are over 4 hours of video training included in the course.

I’ve been designing, recording, and editing like crazy to get this finished for you! Here’s a photo my wife took of me while taking a break from recording today.



Now let’s jump into a few lessons from the course.

Using layer masks and layer clipping

These are techniques I use in just about every Photoshop design. You can accomplish the same thing multiple ways, so this video should help you learn when to use each method.

Using option + shift with free transform

This is one of my favorite little tricks that can save a ton of time!

Drawing a pie chart

Now there are tons of reasons you shouldn’t use pie charts to display data, but chances are, if you work for another company, you’re going to have to design one at some point. So why not take that opportunity to learn some new Photoshop skills?

Learn more about the course

If you enjoyed these videos, sign up to hear when the course launches on Tuesday:


Photoshop for Interface Design

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5 Responses to “Using Shapes & Paths in Photoshop”

  1. The videos are very informative. Thanks for sharing Nathan.

  2. Great work Nathan! :)

  3. Leslie says:

    I am really looking forward to this course- it sounds like exactly what I want. I want to transition from Visio to Photoshop, for designing interfaces!

  4. Kiril says:

    Thanks for sharing – great tips. Just one suggestion – it could be very useful if you add the shortcuts for PC in a text box or comic bubble.

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