10 Jul

NB 001 — On Productivity

In January 2013 I wrote a series of goals for the year. One of them was “launch a podcast.”

How does a goal like that take 18 months to be realized? Well, first I created all kinds of reasons that a podcast was much harder than it actually needed to be. Finally after recording episodes and working sporadically on it for over a year, I’m ready to launch!

This first episode is a short book I wrote called The Productivity Manifesto. If you read my last post you know that productivity is something I’ve excelled at in the past, but am struggling with right now. So it seemed like a good topic to revisit for episode one.

After listening please do me a huge favor and write a review on iTunes. Good reviews are critical to getting an audience for a brand new show.

See you in the next episode!


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7 Responses to “NB 001 — On Productivity”

  1. Nathan- I couldn’t find your podcast in iTunes. Tried searching “Nathan Barry” and “The Nathan Barry Show” without any luck.

    • Nathan Barry says:

      It’s still waiting to be approved. I had to post one episode to get the feed going (this one), then submit to iTunes. Hopefully in the next day or it will be live.

  2. Steve Robillard says:

    You may want to loo into normalizing the volume between the music used as an intro and the main podcast voice level. The music is nice but comes on very loud compared to the rest of the podcast.

  3. Nathan – so great to see you’ve launched your Podcast!

    Congratulations on accomplishing your 18 month goal. I really value the content you have provided so far (blog posts, books etc.) – you have a regular listener in me.

    Best of luck with this new adventure ahead.

  4. Nathan, I enjoyed the authenticity that came out in this podcast. I especially like one point where you snapped yourself back into the right mode. Was that a NLP hack?

  5. […] your core competency. This stops you from becoming “insanely proficient at useless tasks,” as Nathan Barry explains in this great podcast about productivity. And after all this talk about focus, you won’t be surprised to hear that the best Technology […]

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