6 Dec

A Preview of Designing Web Applications

There are so many places to mess up the user experience when designing a web application. I’ve made mistakes around when to save data, how to keep the user notified, and the right way to handle delete actions. Luckily, I’ve learned from these mistakes and those are just a few of the ideas I’ve got for you today.

To give you a sample of Designing Web Applications (which comes out next week!) I pulled out a few sections I think will be particularly helpful. Here’s the list:

  • Save or Autosave?
  • Handling Destructive Actions
  • Designing the Blank Slate
  • Designing the Dashboard
  • Lighting and Gloss in Interface Design



I’m not sure if I already told you or not, but I changed the name of the book to Designing Web Applications. The short story is that the previous name was causing confusion. Anyway, I hope those sections help you design a better user experience. I’ve got a lot more great stuff coming next week.

The book will be 20% off for one day only on December 12th to reward people (like you) who signed up early and have been supporting my work for a while now (thanks!), so make sure to buy it then. I’ll send an announcement email as soon as it is live. To get on that list just signup with the form at the end fo this post.

In the mean time, I have a few things to finish up before launch. Enjoy the sample!

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