31 Jan

The Perfect Tool

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ll learn design when I am able to purchase Photoshop
  • I’ll start eating properly when the new diet book arrives
  • I’ll start exercising when I get an elliptical
  • I would practice guitar more often if I had a better instrument
  • I’ll learn to program when I get a new computer

All of these are just excuses to procrastinate. We think the perfect tool is necessary to complete a task or learn a new skill, but really this is just an easy way to justify our procrastination and desire to spend money. Sure the new guitar would make it more fun to play, but if you aren’t going to spend an hour every day practicing than the new guitar is just a waste of money. You could probably get just as good (initially) with a $50 guitar from Wal-Mart.

Some friends did something similar with their son who wanted to play the drums. Instead of purchasing him a full drum set, they bought him a single, inexpensive drum. If he practiced with that every day for six months, they would purchase the full set for him.

He practiced every day, eventually got the drum set, and is now quite talented. First find the dedication, then put in the time, and finally purchase the great equipment you have been wanting.

When you think you are dependent on the tool most often you will find out that was just an excuse because you don’t have the dedication in the first place. The tool won’t make a difference. You will play with it for a few days, maybe even weeks, but then lose interest and move onto the next thing you need. First prove to yourself that you have the dedication.

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