26 Jul

My favorite kind of people

Most people consume. Movies, blog articles, meals, and iPhone apps are all examples of that consumption. Just about everyone I know spends their time consuming. But I know a few exceptions.

My friend Jared spends his time building beautiful, functional furniture. Esau designs logos and designs for projects that make a difference. Chris codes iPad applications to help his kids (and others) learn math.

Each of them are solving a problem or making something useful or beautiful. Creating isn’t just the ability to make something, it is a different way of looking at everything. Once you realize what you are capable of creating so many new possibilities will be opened up.

Once you’ve mastered a skill don’t stop at that one thing. Become the programmer who can bakes amazing cheesecakes, the IT manager who also designs clothing, or the designer who writes.

From knitting to programming, my favorite people create. At the end of each day what have you created?

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