14 Oct

Building Profitable Audiences — Live in London

The last few weeks have been really fun. I’ve been traveling (one of my favorite things to do) around Europe and meeting up with really smart, driven people. It started with a trip to London to teach a workshop (which you’ll hear more about in a second) with Brennan Dunn. Then after the workshop we both continued on to Prague to attend MicroConf Europe.

The Workshop

Growing an audience around a product is one of my favorite topics. I believe there are few other ideas that can help a small business be so profitable. As I’ve written before, it’s the best way to cheat at building an online business. So gathering 25 highly motivated people into a single room to discuss how to grow an audience and make it profitable was the highlight of my trip.

The venue

Thanks to Charlie Irish, we were able to host the workshop at The Calvary and Guards Club, one of London’s most exclusive venues. That meant everyone had to wear suits and ties—which I think really helped make the event feel special.



The attendees

The common theme among attendees was that they currently did consulting, but were looking to sell products. That’s exactly the background Brennan and I came from, so I think we were able to really help kickstart everyone in that process.

A video

I put together a video of a few highlights from the event. Enjoy!

One more thing

If you watched that video and wished you had a chance to attend, then I’ve got good news: Brennan and I are hosting it again in just two weeks! This time we’ll be in Boston on October 27th. If you’ll be in the area and want to build a profitable audience, I highly recommend you attend.

Get your ticket here: Boston Workshop Tickets

That link includes a $100 off coupon code. I hope to see you there!


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