4 Nov

An Interview With App Designer Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup is a designer from Denmark. His portfolio spans a wide variety of work, but I’ve always been most impressed with his iOS app designs. He’s a pretty great photographer as well. Jeremy Olson, my co-author for the iOS 7 edition of The App Design Handbook, sat down with Michael this summer to talk design, apps, and business.

This is just one of nine interviews included with The App Design Handbook (coming out on 11/6/13—in just a few days). Here’s the full list of interviews:

  1. Mark Kawano—Former Senior Designer and User Experience Evangelist at Apple, founder at Storehouse
  2. Rene Ritchie— Editor-in-chief, iMore.com
  3.  Marc Edwards—Founder and Lead Designer at Bjango (iStat, Skala)
  4.  Ellis Hamburger—Reporter at the Verge
  5.  Michael Flarup—Founder and Lead Designer at Robocat (Haze, Thermo, Outside)
  6.  Julian Walker—Director of Software Engineering and Co-Founder at FiftyThree (Paper)
  7.  Harold Emsheimer—Co-Founder and Interface Designer at Overcommitted (Recall, Entries)
  8.  Shane Crawford—Founder of Blue Lightning Labs (Mathemagics)
  9.  Denys Zhadanov—Marketing Director at Readdle (Calendars, Printer Pro, PDF Expert)

The knowledge dropped in these interviews is fantastic. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Michael Flarup

As a preview of what’s to come later this week, enjoy the full interview with Michael:

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