12 Dec

Ideas are Worthless…

I hear it all the time:

“I’ve got a great business idea! Let’s get coffee to talk about it.”


“I have a brilliant idea for a new iPhone app. Want to help me build it?”

No. I don’t want to help you build it, nor am I impressed with your new company, that you will never start. Why? It’s simple: ideas are everywhere. I have dozens of of ideas that I’ll never use, just because I don’t have the time. Many other ideas I have started on, but haven’t ever finished. That’s great that you have an idea; write it down, spend a few minutes researching it (to find out that someone else has already done it), then move on with your life.

Because your idea is worthless…

…Without follow through.

Alright. So ideas do have value. They are the spark that can start great things, but nothing more. Don’t put too much stock in just an idea, because it’s the follow through that matters. Anyone can think of an idea. What sets you apart is that you are going to take your great idea and turn it into something real. Something tangible. Something that matters.

If it is really such a great idea, then stop talking about it and build it!

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