17 Nov

Free marketing tools

If you’re like me you are always on the hunt for new marketing tools.  

The sort of tools that can really leverage the hard work you are putting into creating content and growing your audience.

Let’s look at an example. On my book sales pages I have a graphic of a book on the right side. Makes sense right? It works well to give visitors instant context as to what they are looking at.

What I didn’t realize—until installing a heatmap tool—is that tons of people are clicking on that book expecting it to take them somewhere. But it doesn’t do anything.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.02.53 PM

It didn’t even occur to me that people would click that. Until I saw the data. Oops. Boy was I wrong. Now I actually have the data to know to fix that image issue and make it clickable.

Unless you track these things you have no idea how your visitors are actually behaving.

That’s where SumoMe comes in. SumoMe, a suite of free apps to grow your traffic, get more email subscribers, and more.

SumoMe includes free apps like:

  • List Builder to increase your daily email sign-ups by 20%
  • Heat Maps to see where your website visitors are clicking (or not)
  • Welcome Mat to create your highest converting page
  • … and much more.

Heat maps is exactly the tool you should be installing to learn how your visitors behave.


Welcome Mat

The next SumoMe app I think you should implement right away is the Welcome Mat. With Welcome Mat you can easily add a full-screen opt-in form to the top of your site (which will increase email opt-ins like crazy!), but if your visitors don’t want it it’s easy to click through to the content.

So you get way more subscribers without being annoying with intrusive pop-ups.


Here’s my good friend Jeff Goins with Welcome Mat on his site:


These are just two of the tools included with SumoMe. They have 10 more that you can check out here:

Get 12 free SumoMe marketing tools

Here’s what Pat Flynn says about SumoMe:

“SumoMe is AWESOME. A free suite of marketing tools to grow your email list, get more traffic, and much more. I swear you will be so happy when you install this.”


If you’re still not convinced, here are four reasons why it’s a no-brainer to use SumoMe:

  1. It’s 100% free to get started.
  2. SumoMe works on all sites. Doesn’t matter if your site is WordPress, HTML, or written by a chimpanzee.
  3. It takes 37 seconds to install, seriously.
  4. It integrates with ConvertKit.

A little more on point #4… I’ve been wildly impressed with SumoMe for a long time, but haven’t promoted them because I knew I’d immediately get a million questions of… “does it integrate with ConvertKit?” That would suck to have to say no a million times.

But now it does! Last week the SumoMe team released their ConvertKit integration. Already all our customers are loving it. I think you will too:

Click here to install SumoMe in less than a minute.

Once you have it installed try their A/B testing and conversion optimization tools built right into the email capture forms. They are very powerful and easy to setup.


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