28 Aug

NB 007 – DIY video with Caleb Wojcik

One of the most effective ways to show potential customers how your product could be useful to them is to feature it in a promo video.

Well-made promo videos can be inspiring, insightful, and fun. The problem is, video can take a bit of time to learn how to do right.

Luckily I have a good friend who runs his own video production studio.

His name is Caleb Wojcik; you might know him from Fizzle, which he recently moved on from to run his studio full time.

If there’s one person I’d recommend to take video production advice from it’s definitely Caleb.

I recently asked him to hang out with me and talk video for an hour; we dug into gear, production techniques, and some sweet hacks to make your editing workflow quicker.

This episode will be especially insightful if you’re thinking about making a promo video for your product. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Caleb Wojcik’s DIY Video Guide – if you’re getting into making promo videos for your business, I can’t recommend this guide enough.

Caleb Wojcik’s gear guide – we talked a bit about gear, but it’s way too easy to waste time figuring out what gear to buy instead of actually making videos. Luckily Caleb’s done all the work for you in this free guide.

Pat Flynn’s website – we mentioned our friend Pat a few times; here’s his site if you haven’t had a chance to see his work yet.

Wistia’s “down and dirty” lighting kit – for less than $100 you can make your own professional lighting kit, my friends at Wistia show you how.

Caleb and me hanging out – the live hangout this podcast recording is taken from.

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  1. Awesome Show! I loved herring about the do-overs, audio tips, and various setups. (I have that cowboy kit too)

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