12 Jul

NB 003 — Profiting from teaching with Sean McCabe

Today I’ve got my absolute favorite product creation and launch story to share with you! Sean McCabe started as a web design consultant, then built up a following for his true passion: hand lettering.

He then started teaching and grew a massive email list and then launched a training product. He shares the story and all the launch details (including exact revenue numbers) in this episode.


Here’s where you can find Sean on the web:

Here you can see the very first tshirt Sean sold in his store.








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3 Responses to “NB 003 — Profiting from teaching with Sean McCabe”

  1. Super Great Podcast! Congrats Nathan! I always love to hear your advice, and in this case I found Sean’s story really inspiring and helpful (since I’m using your Authority book as a guide to create a fashion illustration course). Well, I think I have to work harder to build my audience :D


  2. […] This past week, I was interviewed by my friend, Nathan Barry, who just launched his new podcast. He was kind enough to have me on for the 3rd episode of his show: Profiting From Teaching With Sean McCabe. […]

  3. Thanks for that, really interesting. I wonder if across your case studies you have an average $ per email subscriber… obviously it would be a rough metric. But potentially interesting. For Sean it would be $5.40 per email subscriber. $81,000 / 15,000 = $5.40

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