26 Nov

NB015: Let Your Brand Take Center Stage with Ruben Gamez

Trying to avoid center stage? You can get all the benefits of building an audience without putting yourself in the spotlight. In fact, you don’t even have to be the center of attention to connect with your peers and build relationships with your clients. Allowing your brand to take center stage can bring your business the returns you’re looking for and the email list you want.

Ruben Gamez is here to tell us how you can stand back and let your work and your products speak for your brand. He is the creator and lead marketer for his website BidSketch.com, but you’d never know it. He and his team put together professional business proposal templates for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to find work and build a business online, but you won’t see him speaking at conferences or selling on tv spots. That’s because he prefers for his business – his tool – to speak for itself. Find out how he built his audience through his own specially designed content marketing campaign, and how he designed a product that practically sells itself.

Topics Discussed

  • Creating and using drip campaigns to your advantage
  • Using your email list to your advantage for pre-sales and promotions
  • How to build an efficient contract team
  • Developing your skills and uncovering your skillset
  • How you can do content marketing for your blog
  • Find out why we don’t always trust Google


Check out ConvertKit.com/blog for conversion tips and tricks

Get a proposal template from Ruben at bidsketch.com

Follow along with all of the great things Ruben is putting together @bidsketch and follow him personally @earthlingworks on Twitter.

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