19 Nov

NB014: Consistently Deliver Value to your Audience with Brennan Dunn

If you’ve ever felt like your blog posts are a shot in the dark, this episode of the Nathan Barry Show is for you. Working to build an audience never has immediate results, but don’t be discouraged by your lack of response! My guest today will tell you how to produce valuable content over time in order to generate the right kind of response you need to see your business succeed.

As a professional freelancer, Brennan Dunn knows the ins and outs of creating an audience and a viable client list. His style of content creation and content marketing has been a huge influence on my own business style. He first started by writing a business blog about the conversations he was having with his own customers as an ingenious way to get new customers and build his email list. This pro-active approach to business, including writing and publishing an e-book, creating his own content, and using paid acquisition through Facebook, is what he’s talking about with us today. You can apply his insight to your own marketing plans to develop something that works for you.

Brennan has probably had a bigger on impact on the way I do online business more than anyone else.

Brennan has built an audience by communicating with them regularly: regular emails promoting new/regular blogs, direct conversations, free advice, promotionals – Brennan pre-sold his e-book to his Planscope emailing list.  He also offers a range of products to better serve your clients that results in more income for you.

Topics We Discuss

  • What the very early days of audience building look like
  • How consistency converts your early subscribers into customers
  • Paid acquisition and why you should be using it already
  • How to use Facebook’s Target to promote and communicate with clients
  • What to do for a product or book launch
  • Pros and cons of payment plans for customers (spoiler alert: it’s worth it!)


Subscribe to Brennan’s list at www.freepricingcourse.com

Learn more about Brennan and his insights on freelancing doubleyourfreelancing.com

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