12 Nov

NB012 – Building a Loyal Audience with Jason Zook

Wracking your brain trying to develop the best marketing campaign? When you think about it, marketing is really just big companies competing for attention. But I’m here to tell you about one of the biggest cheats these companies are missing out on. While they’re too busy fighting each other over a few seconds of everyone’s time, you can be working toward building an audience. That’s right, an audience. When you have an audience, you already have a group of people who want to pay attention to you!

I’ve created this podcast to help those of us running our own businesses online build our audiences and our success. I’m talking about personal experiences, I’m bringing on guests who have used social media in unique and interesting ways, and I’m going to teach you how to build yourself an audience that goes beyond creating a simple email list. On today’s episode, I’ve invited Jason Zook to talk about how his audience helped build his brand and helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

“Building a really great audience that you have a conversation with is only going benefit everything that you’re doing tenfold,” Jason says on today’s show. And he offers advice on email marketing and building an online community that you can start using today in order to start that conversation. Along with his insights, this podcast is chock full of tips for:

  • Getting your customers excited about your brand
  • Learning the difference between hard work and luck
  • Building an online community that’s dedicated to your brand and your products
  • Jason’s peculiar insight on what it’s like to auction off your own last name

Listen in and let us know what you think! Share your audience building tips, let me know what topics you want to hear about, and leave us a review on iTunes.

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