25 Sep

NB 011 – Eleven insights that changed my life

Nothing I do is completely original. In fact, so many ideas that people credit to me are originally from someone else.

In this episode I want to give credit to the people who’ve provided some truly impactful ideas to the world. This is not a complete list by any means; I’m sure I’ve missed someone, so I plan to add to this list over time.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave a comment if you have something to add!

Show Notes

1. Slow, consistent progress

Lifehacker article on “Don’t break the chain

(Seinfeld said he didn’t come up with this, but I’m still going to believe he did :)

2. Writing 1,000 words per day

Chris Guillebeau first introduced me to the idea of making consistent progress in order to actually finish a book. Here’s his post on the topic: How to Write 300,000 Words In 1 Year.

3. Writing to a pain

Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman gave me a solid introduction to copywriting. Through plenty of direct feedback on my sales pages I learned all about writing to a particular pain in my headlines and copy. Amy and Alex go on to talk about the pain, dream, fix model of writing sales pages.

You can find Amy & Alex here.

I haven’t taken their course 30×500, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

4. Multiple packages

An offhand comment by Chris Guillebeau has made me tens of thousands of dollars.

5. Selling digital products

Tim Ferriss talks about drug dealers in 4HWW.

6. Making a living from self-publishing to a small audience

Sacha Greif and Jarrod Drysdale showed me how it’s done.

7. Travel hacking

Chris Guillebeau is the master of this hard-to-believe travel methodology.

8. Focusing on a few core products

Jeff Goins, Laura Roeder, & Sacha Greif are excellent examples of this.

9. Syndicating content instead of guest posting

James Clear taught me that your best content should appear on your own site.

10. Webinars to grow an audience

Brennan Dunn, Danny Iny, Jeff Goins, & Brad Fallon taught me everything I know about how to run profitable webinars and joint ventures.

11. Email marketing

ConvertKit Academy is something I built for authors who want to learn how to connect better with their audiences and apply email marketing best-practices so they can sell more books.


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6 Responses to “NB 011 – Eleven insights that changed my life”

  1. Nathan,

    Really enjoyed this podcast man. Your podcasts, emails, and articles have been super helpful so far in my journey of writing my first ebook. Planning to buy Authority after I finish the current books I am reading.

    – Roman

  2. Hey Nathan,

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this particularly podcast. Your success over the past few years has been really inspiring to me and it was great to hear sort of the top 11 things that helped you the most.

    Cheers and thanks for all of your content,


  3. Thanks for mentioning me, buddy! I can safely say that the learning has been mutual.

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  5. Nathan,

    Great podcast. I’m starting out and really struggling with #1:slow, consistent progress. There is so much that i feel I need to get done and I’m excited to do it all, but it gets overwhelming. I think it was the Fizzle guys that said to look at your business as a 5 year plan. That helps a lot. I also recently read an article about really breaking down tasks, eg. 1) start computer, 2) open xxx application, etc. The granularity helps you ease into it and it feels like you’re accomplishing things minute by minute.

  6. Nathan, I loved this episode! Your advice on not breaking the chain has made me commit to several new daily habits. Keep up the good work!

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