2 Aug

Designers Who Inspire Me

There are a few people that consistently put out such high quality work that I follow everything they do. These are the designers that inspire me to work harder and become even better.

Liam McKay

Liam is a designer from the UK working on WPBundle and IconJar. He was even kind enough to give me an invite to Dribbble.




Josh Hemsley

Josh is a designer previously from Oregon, now living in California. He does an excellent design for each one of his posts on TheHemsley.com.






Wendell Fernandes

Wendell creates clean interfaces and impressive icons. Even his icon sketches look really good.





Tobias van Schneider

Tobias’ iOS designs stand out the most to me. Especially the record player (below). It is just stunning!

Liam, Josh, Wendell, and Tobias: thanks for inspiring me to become a better designer.

To everyone else, you can follow me on Dribbble to see more design work.

Who inspires you?

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