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4 ideas that changed my life

Every so often you come across an idea that can change your life. It could be a passing comment, something you read in a book, or a moment of inspiration, but if you act on it, big changes are possible. Without much introduction, here are four ideas that changed my life. 1. You don’t have […]

5 things I was surprised to love about my Tesla

For nearly 10 years I’ve wanted to own a Tesla. As of a few months ago, I finally do! This spring I bought a 2016 Model S P90D. It’s all black, with a black interior. By buying slightly used (18,000 miles) I was able to save $50,000 off the original price ($93,000 instead of $143,000). […]

What company culture means to me

Every company says they have a great culture. But what does that mean? For some that’s free lunch and ping pong tables, for others it’s remote work and work/life balance. While those may be a part of culture, they are surface level. To me company culture comes down to trust. Are you trusted to make […]

2017 in Review — The Year We Redesigned The Company

Another year complete. Time for another year in review post! For reference here are the past six years: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011. Personally I really enjoy going back and reading these posts for a snapshot of my mindset and goals at the time. As always, as you read 2017’s review, remember that […]

Generating a side income through Airbnb

I first setup my Airbnb account in 2011 as Hilary, Oliver, and I set out to travel around Europe for 5 weeks. Since then I’ve stayed at dozens of Airbnbs and loved all but one (unfortunately it’s not an interesting story). Over the years I’ve always wanted to see the other side of it as […]

Mental frameworks for making decisions

Now that I lead a team of 25 there are a lot more decisions to be made. Fast decision making is a major advantage to being a small company and something I’d hate for us to lose as we grow. To help, I’ve started listing out several mental frameworks I use for decision making. These frameworks […]

2016 in Review — The year I became a CEO

My last few year-in-review posts have been written as “x years after [life change].” 2 years after I quit my job. 1 year after I quit blogging.  And 2016 seems to be one of the biggest years of change I’ve ever had. Not because I made a different decision or some event happened, but instead because […]