I wrote two books on design that have received rave reviews. Both books together have sold over 2,500 copies and allowed me to focus full-time on my web products.

The App Design Handbook

The first, The App Design Handbook, focuses on creating iPhone and iPad apps that are a joy to use. I wrote it because my designer and developer friends kept asking me for great resources for learning iOS design. After not finding much, I decided to share my own experiences and designs.

 “The presentation is awesome and has all new content that I have not read anywhere.”

– Rob Fulton

“Brilliant! A good, refreshing approach to App Design. Very practical, and enjoyable.”

– A reader

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Designing Web Applications

In the second book, Designing Web Applications, I take the same design principles and apply them to design elegant software-as-a-service web applications.

“An important read for anyone designing web apps or looking to jump into the waters. Nathan’s attention to every last detail is great. Add it to your reading list now.”

-Greg Melrath

“I got my money’s worth in the first 10 pages. Great work.”

– Gus Nelson

“Nathan’s approach to design makes creating easy-to-use web applications a straightforward process anyone can follow.”

– Philip Alexander

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My latest book is on self-publishing. The ideas and techniques I used publishing my first two books have helped my friends make tens of thousands of dollars more on their own books. So I took everything I know about writing, marketing, and selling ebooks and put it in one handy spot.

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