26 May

Authority launches tomorrow morning

Product launches are always fun. :) It’s a combination of excitement to get your new product out into the world and stress because that new product isn’t quite done.

I did an informal survey of a handful of friends about their last couple days leading up their product launch: everyone was working on details right up until the very end.

From recording videos right up until the end, to putting finishing touches on the sales page the morning of launch, or uploading files to Gumroad minutes before sending the launch email. That craziness is part of what makes launches so much fun!

Anyway, tomorrow morning the new edition of Authority launches, and I’d love to tell you all about it.

All new videos

When I first set out to create Authority I was so excited to get these ideas out to the world that I just grabbed a decent mic, sat in front of my webcam, and started recording.

Now, two years later, the ideas are more refined, I have more case studies and examples, and my standards for production quality are higher. So for this new edition of Authority I reworked all the video content in my brand new studio.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.18.25 AM

That means in addition to all the 11 interviews, Authority now includes 10 brand new videos. I think you’re going to love them.

New prices

I knew the ideas in Authority were powerful, but now after watching the readers of Authority make over $1,000,000 in combined revenue, I see how life-changing they can be.

Combine those powerful ideas with the new content and much higher production quality and I realized I was undervaluing my own work. By a lot.

Actually I didn’t realize this on my own. On the same day two good friends pulled me aside and said I should charge more. So I am.

The new prices will be $179 and $299.

But… since I’m just now announcing this I decided to give away the complete package (with all the new content) for the old price for one more week. That means you can get the complete course for just $249.

Let’s make sure you start off on the right foot

I’ve noticed a worrying trend: despite all the advice I’ve put into Authority (and I emphasize it more in the new content), new authors are still picking topics that are too broad and making launch mistakes.

I want to prevent that.

So I’m adding one more package. For $499 I’ll hop on a call with you and review your topic and launch plan. Getting this right is so critical and can make the difference between making a few thousand dollars on your book launch and tens of thousands of dollars.

Spending a couple hundred dollars to prevent such a massive mistake is a no brainer. And—if you already have your topic and plan figured out—you can use the call to ask the pressing questions.

Let’s talk upgrades

If you already bought the complete package, it’s a free upgrade for you! You get all the new videos at no extra cost. Though you can upgrade to get a launch review call with me (more on that later).

Everyone else can upgrade to the complete package for the difference between the current price (before the increase) and what they paid for the lower package.

As an added bonus I’m throwing in an additional $50 credit for anyone who upgrades in the first 24 hours. So if you bought the $99 package you can upgrade to the brand new complete package for just $99.

The bonus

This launch starts tomorrow morning and ends on June 3rd (that’s when the price goes up). But I know that since you’re serious about becoming an Authority you’ll want to pick up the package right away. So I’d like to reward you for that.

I put together a extra bonus just for everyone that buys in the first 48 hours.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A copy of Commit (the app I created to keep my writing on track and make $500,000 in 2 years)
  • A live workshop on choosing a topic and audience for your book.

That bonus will expire on Friday at Noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific). So make sure to pick up your copy of Authority tomorrow in order to get the old price (before the increase) and all the bonuses.

Any questions? Post a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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