20 Mar

25 Free iOS Design Resources

Some great designers around the web have released great icons, interface PSDs, and other resources that help make designing iOS apps easier. Enjoy and make sure to thank the creator of whichever resources you use!

Templates & PSDs

Icon Template

Michael Flarup’s icon template is the best one available. Very useful Photoshop actions along with some great textures.

UIButton Pack

By default UIButtons are my least favorite element in UIKit. So I made a simple button pack to fix that.


iPhone GUI PSD

Free App PSD

iOS Style Popover

Free Game Art


Textures & Patterns

Subtle Patterns

This is my favorite patterns website around!


Apple iOS Linen Texture

High Resolution Fabric Texture Pack

20 Repeatable Pixel Patterns


Function Icon Set

WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

Fugue Icons

Not necessarily in an iOS style, but it is a huge icon set that has come in handy for me many times.

FamFamFam Silk Icons



The Noun Project

The quality and volume of icons in The Noun Project is very impressive! They are often great to get ideas of what to represent in your icon.

Pixicus Icon Set: 106 Pixel Perfect Icons

Shock iPhone Icons



Function Brush Set: 33 Subtle Grunge Textures & Effects

42 More Subtle Grunge Textured Photoshop Brushes

iOS Design Cheat Sheet

Printable iPhone Wireframe Templates



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9 Responses to “25 Free iOS Design Resources”

  1. Desmond Fun says:

    Honourable mentioned, http://www.iconbeast.com
    They have some very good iPhone icons for iOS developer.

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  3. Thanks! This is awesome

  4. Thanks for the roundup! Bookmarked!

  5. All wefunction.com links are 404

  6. Martin LeBlanc says:

    Great list.

    Most of the icons above are indexed on Iconfinder.com

  7. Great collection of resources but I would add Inventicons ;) They saved my day a lot of times!

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  9. Khamp says:

    Awesome man. Thanks.

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