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I write regularly on both design and marketing. In order to get introduced to my content, it's best that you pick one and go from there. Do you want to design better software or websites? Or build audiences and sell products?

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How a decision making process substantially increased trust

Do you have a process for making decisions? I didn’t. Even though I’m a fan of mental models, I didn’t ever think about establishing a decision making process. Then the leadership team at ConvertKit came across a post from Coinbase about how they make decisions. At the same time we had received feedback from our team that […]

My secrets to a productive week

The last two weeks have been insanely productive for me because of two small changes. Want to hear what they are? Of course you do. Forest and Streaks. No, I’m not talking about streaking through the forest (as invigorating as that may sound), but instead my two favorite new apps. Both of these were recommended […]

4 ideas that changed my life

Every so often you come across an idea that can change your life. It could be a passing comment, something you read in a book, or a moment of inspiration, but if you act on it, big changes are possible. Without much introduction, here are four ideas that changed my life. 1. You don’t have […]

How to fix podcasting’s critical flaw

Despite growing incredibly quickly, podcasting is broken. The hundreds of creators starting podcasts each week are failing to see the major flaw with podcasting that will hamper their growth. The flaw comes down to one simple question… When was the last time you saw a podcast go viral? Blog posts go viral. YouTube videos go […]

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I wrote two books on design that have received rave reviews. The first, The App Design Handbook, focuses on creating iPhone and iPad apps that are a joy to use.

In the second book, Designing Web Applications, I take the same design principles and apply them to design elegant software-as-a-service web applications.

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