25 Apr

This moment

A lot of people get to where you are now. A half finished book, an iPhone app with just a few customers, or the perfect idea that just needs circumstances to fall into place before they can build it. These people, like you, are on the brink of something great. Truly changing their own lives and careers through what they can create.

It may not be with this project, but by taking action, shipping a product, and getting strangers to buy it from them, they will inevitably benefit and grow from moving forward.

I see great things ahead for these people. I see great things ahead for you.

Unfortunately, most of the people who are in your position now won’t turn it into anything. The potential, just waiting to be seized, will be lost. No great lessons will be learned. No careers will be changed.

Instead, for most of these people, years later their spouses will remark, “remember when you worked on that book? You should finish that…when you have time.”

Back in high school I had friends who always had big ideas, which they talked about loudly and frequently, but nothing ever happened. Years later I’d run into them and they’d still be talking about the epic trip they are going to go on or the company they are going to start. But after years, nothing has happened.

No one says it to their face, but their friends all do a mental eye roll when they bring up another big idea. Everyone knows it won’t turn into anything. All talk and no action.

Most people in your position—on the brink of the potential that you have—will turn into that friend from high school. They’ll never quit the job, finish the book, or start the company. Always talking about ideas that will be the next big thing, but never putting in the work to make it happen.

That’s not you.

Right now, in this moment, you have a choice. Which person are you going to be? 

You have what you need. I gave you the tactics in Authority and a way to track your progress with Commit. I hope this will give you the inspiration to take the next step. It’s not just one step forward, it’s hundreds. You won’t finish in a day, but instead by working towards your goal every day.

That’s why so many people in your exact position fail. Their initial motivation runs out and they aren’t willing to put in the work to trudge ahead. And I don’t blame them. Writing a book or launching a new product is really hard. I’d be lying if I said it was easy.

But that’s why success is so possible. Most people in your position—and there are thousands of people right there with you now—will give up. They won’t push forward.

As my friend Jeff Goins says, “You can outlast those who are lucky and out-work those who are lazy.”

That’s how you win.

I know you can do it. I know that by pushing through and finishing you will see great results. I know that you have what it takes to launch your product and really follow through on the marketing.

Now prove me right.


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