I love getting thoughtful emails and I read every one of them. Though I often get behind on email so I may not respond. Sorry!


Though before you email me, please read through these frequently asked questions to see if it’s something I get way too often.

What WordPress theme do you use?

It is a custom theme that I designed and coded myself. No, you may not use it and I don’t have plans to sell it.

Are you available for consulting?

Sort of. I’m mostly focused on my own projects, but I do take on a few consulting projects. I charge weekly and your budget should be at least in the mid five figures. My favorite topics to consult on are software design, audience building, and product launches.

Can we do a Skype call?

Maybe. I do enjoy talking with smart, motivated people over Skype, but have very limited time. Your best bet is to ask concise questions over email.

What about an interview?

Yep, I love doing interviews. Fill out the form below, include information about your audience and what topics they’d like to hear me talk about. I try to do every interview request, but it doesn’t always happen.


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