Topic: The Web App Challenge

Growing ConvertKit to $30,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

A year ago I made the decision to focus full-time on ConvertKit—which at the time was a failing product with only $1,337/month in revenue. In order to turn it around I… Focused full-time on just ConvertKit—ignoring my other businesses and products. Invested $50,000. Hired my dream team. And worked like crazy. You can read that […]

Growing ConvertKit to $5,020 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

If you could sum up an entire story in one image, it would be the monthly recurring revenue graph for ConvertKit. So if you want the short version of the last 2 years of my work, just look at this image: Now I’d like to share the behind the scenes stories that explain exactly what […]

How selling a SaaS app like an info-product doubled revenue

18 months ago I launched The Web App Challenge and started building ConvertKit, an email marketing company. The journey has had a lot of ups and downs, but overall has been a lot of work without too much growth. This is the latest installment in that story. Anyone looking to get into building a software-as-a-service […]

Why you can’t sign up for my SaaS app

Today I announced a radical new direction for ConvertKit, my email marketing SaaS application:  You can’t create an account. Seriously, go to the website and try to pay me. You can’t. Like every other SaaS business, ConvertKit’s goal is to make money. So why remove every payment method from the site? Well, I have a […]

What can you do in six months? Concluding The Web App Challenge

How long is six months? It’s not the number of days that matter, but instead what you can do with them. At the beginning of this year I wanted to know if I could turn six months into a brand new business. A business with actual demand, customers, and most importantly, revenue. On December 31st, […]

Web App Challenge Update: The Final Stretch

I’ve been a little quiet about The Web App Challenge lately. Launching Authority and speaking at a BaconBizConf have taken up all my time. Though I’ve still been hard at work. Progress has been made every day, but it is still slower than I would like (which is all my fault). Revenue Currently ConvertKit makes […]

Three exciting words

Today I announced my latest book, Authority: Become an expert, build a following, and gain financial independence. It’s everything I know about self-publishing and launching a product online. You know that ebook you’ve been wanting to write? I’ll give you a a step-by-step guide to take you from idea all the way through to a […]