Topic: Design

How to use Photoshop to design interfaces

You care about designing good software. How do you do that? You can read books about user experience and design, but at some point you have to actually start designing the interface. More than just how the software or website functions and how you interact with it, but what it actually looks like. There are […]

Reactions to iOS 7

Many designers have struggled to make the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Even when they figure out how to design an app that works for iOS 7, it’s hard to still make it unique. My friend and co-author of The App Design Handbook, Jeremy Olson, wrote this post when iOS 7 was announced […]

Case Study: Redesigning Commit for iOS 7

To get your own copy of Commit for $2.99 on the App Store. A few years ago I designed an iPhone app called Commit. This little app has made me more money (indirectly) than just about anything else I’ve done. It’s not the app sales (those have totaled about $10k in two years), but instead […]

Naive Design

When designing a product it’s often helpful to understand development as well so that you can think about technical limitations and challenges as you design. But what if thinking about the implementation details is holding back the product experience? If you think about how to implement your idea you’ll quickly find the objections of why […]

How to radically simplify your user interface

How is it that some software lets you accomplish just as much as competing software, all while maintaining a much simpler interface? Basecamp, by 37signals, is a great example. With just a few features—each with a simple interface—you can complete all the same tasks as more complicated project management applications. Ryan Singer from 37signals introduced […]

The Hidden Costs of Contract Work

So many people compare money made from selling a product to how much they could have made by consulting. It works something like this: a product made $10,000 and took 200 hours to develop, so the hourly rate was $50 an hour. Since the creator can bill out his or her time at $100 an […]

Workshop Design Video (Part 2) + Workshop Tickets Available

Earlier this week I put out part 1 of my Photoshop tutorial on creating a workshop sales page. Today I’d like to follow that up with part 2 where I move from Photoshop to code. Enjoy! Now, let’s talk I’m putting on a live online workshop in a week and I’d like you to join […]