28 Feb

My Early Design Work

Growing up I really enjoyed landscaping, so I thought that’s what I would do when I grew up. But then a girlfriend in high school introduced me to writing HTML to build websites. From then on I was hooked and started writing some of the worst markup ever seen on the internet. It wasn’t long until I realized my websites needed graphics, so I got my parents to give me a copy of Photoshop Elements for my birthday.

If you don’t cringe when looking at something you made six months ago you aren’t learning fast enough. So, below is a collection of some of my early work.


This is the very first thing I made in Photoshop. The original photo is of two horses, each looking different directions. I just combined them.


The first website I was paid to design ($100 for the logo, $200 for the site). Still active today.

An early, unfinished attempt at painting in Photoshop. Unfortunately it isn't a skill I continued to practice.

Something I made while learning to use the pen tool in Photoshop.

I always really liked the quote from Braveheart.

I've always been fascinated by objects created entirely in Photoshop. This watch was one of my attempts.

This is a collage of about 50 different images. I learned so many more Photoshop techniques while creating this.

This is the website for Sparrowhawk Creative Studios, a small design company I started with a couple high school friends.



Do you have any early work to share?

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