7 Aug

Learn iOS Design and Photoshop Tricks with These 1-3 Minute Videos

I’ve had a lot of fun this past week recording new videos. First it started with the time-lapse design video, then the design screencast. Today I’m happy to announce a new series of short 1-3 minute video tips on all kinds of topics. Today we are starting with Photoshop and iOS design, with 3 tips on each.

This format has been a ton of fun to create, so I hope you find them useful. Also don’t forget to checkout my book on designing iOS apps.

Photoshop Tips

iOS Tips




View the Tips

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4 Responses to “Learn iOS Design and Photoshop Tricks with These 1-3 Minute Videos”

  1. Zachary Friedman says:

    If you put up a standalone site with tons of these short screencasts, I would pay at least $10 a month for a subscription to “premium episodes”. I don’t think I’m the only one.

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