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How to double your launch revenue

A few months ago I was browsing Dribbble when I came across some really impressive hand lettering work and eventually found this image from the same person: Sean McCabe. Clicking through I found a detailed landing page that ended with a strong call to action of an email opt-in form that gave away a PDF […]

Three reasons product launches fail

Before every product launch I fear this one will be the product launch that fails. Before I figured out how to market and sell products I had plenty of failures, but once I started to perfect this system for launching, (almost) all of my launches have been a big success. That doesn’t stop the fear […]

Using urgency to increase sales

One of the most common mistakes I see in product launches is the potential customer is not given a reason to buy right now. Without that motivation, the purchase can be put off for a later time. That later time could be “this afternoon when I have more time” or “after my next paycheck comes […]

Should you launch more than once? I’ve got $58,332 as evidence.

What’s the best way to make a big splash with a product launch? Or more specifically, how do you make the most money from a launch? That’s a question I’ve been working on for the last year and a half, since before my first book launch. For a successful launch you need to build a […]

Why you can’t sign up for my SaaS app

Today I announced a radical new direction for ConvertKit, my email marketing SaaS application:  You can’t create an account. Seriously, go to the website and try to pay me. You can’t. Like every other SaaS business, ConvertKit’s goal is to make money. So why remove every payment method from the site? Well, I have a […]

An update on The Audience Building Challenge

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. November was one of those months. I started the month by announcing that I was going to try to add 10,000 email subscribers in just 30 days. I was convinced it was possible—and I still am—but I didn’t do it. I’m still trying to figure out why. It […]

How Content Marketing and Marketing Automation Led to a $5,000 Retainer Client

This is a guest post written by my friend, and fellow Boise resident, Trent Dyrsmid. Trent is very good at content marketing and marketing automation (you should see his Infusionsoft funnel, it’s crazy!). He’s got a new book, The Digital Marketing Handbook, coming out on Tuesday. In today’s guest post he talks about how blogging […]