Topic: Marketing

Creating a promo video for your product

It seems like every week or so a new startup launches a promo page featuring nothing more than a slick video and an email opt-in form. Creating a landing page that collects email addresses is easy (hint: use ConvertKit), but creating a compelling video intro is a little more work. Recently, I wanted to create […]

The complete guide to making a full-time salary from one book

After a big book launch, sales fall off a cliff and are hard to regain. If you are lucky, your monthly sales will level off at something that is still meaningful to you (maybe $1,000-$3,000 per month), but certainly not enough to make a living. Once you learn this – as I did – you’ll quickly […]

How too many products can hurt your business

Each time I launch a new product I see a nice spike in revenue that trails off over time. After The App Design Handbook launch I saw revenue drop down to about $2,000 to $3,000 a month without much promotion. My immediate thought was, if I add another product not only will I see a giant spike […]

How selling a SaaS app like an info-product doubled revenue

18 months ago I launched The Web App Challenge and started building ConvertKit, an email marketing company. The journey has had a lot of ups and downs, but overall has been a lot of work without too much growth. This is the latest installment in that story. Anyone looking to get into building a software-as-a-service […]

How Samuel Hulick made over $37,000 with his self-published book

I teach for a living. One amazing benefit from teaching is being able to see the impact of my ideas. In many cases that means better designed software, a new understanding of Photoshop, or a great new app in the App Store. But Authority is different. Instead of just helping students create a better user experience, […]

How to double your launch revenue

A few months ago I was browsing Dribbble when I came across some really impressive hand lettering work and eventually found this image from the same person: Sean McCabe. Clicking through I found a detailed landing page that ended with a strong call to action of an email opt-in form that gave away a PDF […]

Three reasons product launches fail

Before every product launch I fear this one will be the product launch that fails. Before I figured out how to market and sell products I had plenty of failures, but once I started to perfect this system for launching, (almost) all of my launches have been a big success. That doesn’t stop the fear […]