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I write regularly on both design and marketing. In order to get introduced to my content, it's best that you pick one and go from there. Do you want to design better software or websites? Or build audiences and sell products?

Recent Articles

Can you build a successful startup in 40 hours per week?

A tweet by Justin Jackson started a debate about building a startup on only 40 hours per week. Can it be done? On one side Jason Cohen from WP Engine made the case that you need to put in more time to get a successful startup off the ground. Then, representing the other side, DHH […]

How to grow an audience through curating content

It’s time to start growing your audience, but what do you share? Teaching everything you know is a common path, but what if you’re not ready to teach? I’d like to suggest you start by curating. When you focus on curating content from other creators you are able to start building an audience without the […]

We bought a ghost town

I’ve been making a few more startup investments lately, but this summer I made one that I never could have predicted: a town. Back in July my friend Ryan Holiday mentioned an investment opportunity he was getting involved with: an old mining town in California. I’ve long been fascinated by taking money made from internet […]

2018 Gift Guide for Creators

There are a handful of products purchased in the last year or two that I’ve really enjoyed. As you’re looking for Christmas gifts this year these are some of my favorites! The list is broken down into three sections: work & tech, personal, and then books. Work & Technology Autonomous standing desk – $299 Standing […]

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I wrote two books on design that have received rave reviews. The first, The App Design Handbook, focuses on creating iPhone and iPad apps that are a joy to use.

In the second book, Designing Web Applications, I take the same design principles and apply them to design elegant software-as-a-service web applications.

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