Mastering Product Launches

You spent hundreds of hours crafting your product. Don't screw up the launch.

Launches for great products often flop, all because the creators put all their energy into the product and none into planning the launch. Your effort put into writing, designing, or developing a great product is wasted if you don't nail the launch.

A large audience isn't enough for a successful launch

Even influencers with thousands of followers can't sell products without the right techniques. When I had an email list of 5,000 subscribers I thought it would be easy to sell out a small workshop—so I sent one email to launch the workshop. It failed.

I didn't sell a single seat.

The problem was that I sprang the product on my audience before I built up desire.

That same mistake is made all the time by marketers who are puzzled that their hundreds of thousands of followers don't drive meaningful sales. The truth is audience size is just one of many factors in a successful launch. If you’ve been focusing exclusively on growing your subscriber list—subscribers from just any source—I have some bad news for you.

Sometimes small is better

Without an existing audience you have to hustle to get people to listen to you. That means you will have to provide value through teaching great content. When you build an audience focused around a specific product they will be more likely to purchase, since they didn’t just sign up to get a free guide, but instead to get updates about your new product, that they are considering purchasing.

Especially if you use the right tools

Everyone is telling you to use social media, but the most successful marketers know that email converts far better. In fact, the e-commerce platform Gumroad shows that purchasers from email convert at nearly 2x the rate of social media traffic.

If doubling conversions, tripling revenue, and actually profiting from your hard work is interesting to you, Mastering Product Launches is the right course for you.

In this video course you will learn exactly what it takes to make a product launch successful. Then learn directly from experts who have had blockbuster launches. Each interview is hand-picked to teach you something specific and incredibly valuable.

Take a look at the course contents below.

Course Contents

Building up to launch

Setting up the foundations for a successful product launch.

  • The foundations

    14:51 | 3 videos

  • Building anticipation

    5:36 | 2 videos

  • Pricing & Preorders

    20:28 | 4 videos


How to launch like a pro.

  • Urgency

    8:26 | 4 videos

  • Working with others

    12:07 | 3 videos

  • The launch sequence

    11:17 | 3 videos

  • Multiple launches

    11:36 | 4 videos

After Launch

How to make the most of your launch and continue selling after the launch is over.

  • Launch tactics to consider

    11:45 | 2 videos

  • After the launch

    17:42 | 5 videos


Learn hands-on from product launch experts.

  • Product launches in a 7-figure business with Keith Perhac


  • Launching a bestselling book with Tim Grahl


  • Creating systems to launch every week with John Lee Dumas


  • From zero to profitable ebook launch with Sean Fioritto


  • Using Facebook ads for a profitable launch with Rick Mulready


  • Lessons from 100+ product launches with Ryan Delk


  • How to execute a 7-figure launch with Andy Drish


  • Building your email list with paid acquisition with Liam Veitch


About Your Instructor

Nathan Barry

Over the last few years Nathan has learned exactly what works in product launches through repeated profitable launches. He uses teaching and education to build up anticipation before each launch to ensure the maximum number of sales.

Nathan is the author of Designing Web Applications, The App Design Handbook, and Authority. He also founded the email marketing company ConvertKit.

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